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Lisa Frantz, Realtor
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Celery Stalks – Healthy Snack or Next Rage in Landscaping?

Photo:  “Red Asiatic Lily” by Mike / CC BY 2.0

I really enjoyed planting flowers in the yard this past spring.  In fact, I convinced my husband to take an entire weekend to re-mulch our yard as a starting point.  (By the way…9 cubic yards of mulch is a lot of mulch!).  By the time we were done our yard looked sharp!  It had some pops of color, but I wanted to add more, so I bought packs and packs of Asiatic Lilies.  What beautiful flowers, AND the bonus is that they come back every year!  And for approximately 2 weeks those lilies looked amazing – lush and green with huge colorful blooms.  And then, little by little, my lilies started to disappear…literally.  A few in the back yard lost their blooms, then they lost some leaves, then they lost all of their leaves.  And quickly, over the course of the next month, the same thing happened to the flowers on the side of the house, and then the front.  I was left with a yard full of lily stems — it looked like I had planted celery 🙁  I was stunned – what had I done wrong?  Well, one morning dear little Easter Bunny came hopping past my sidewalk as I was leaving the house to head out to my first appointment of the day, and I had my answer.  My lilies had become the Easter Bunny’s breakfast (and lunch, and dinner).  That lead me to conducting a TON of research online to see if (a) I was the only one to experience this or if I had comrades out there in the same boat, and (b) what my internet Green-Thumb-ers have done about it.  The predominant answers I came across lead me to the purchase of two products that are all-natural, healthy for the environment, yet effective in keeping Mr. Easter away:

  1. Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent
  2. Miracle Grow Organic Blood Meal

Needless to say, my lilies have grown back, and my yard is colorful again!